can't update email in email post save plugin?

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Hello - I have plugin for email create. I get a handle to the email object in the plugin in the normal way and I'm able to access all of the expected email properties.

As part of the email create logic, I create a case and then associate the email with the case by setting the email RegardingObjectId = case ID.

Then I try to update the email object using the service context: service.Update(email).

I'm able to use the service in the same plugin to create a contact and case but I can't use the service to update the email object. It returns a rather unhelpful FaultException: "An unexpected error occured."

I also tried using the service at the very beginning to update the email object, right after I get the email object from the context, and I get the same unexpected error. This tells me that the error does not have to do with setting a property on the email.

If I get a handle to the current object in its post-save plugin, do I need to do something special with it in order to call the service.Update method on it? Based on this problem description can you figure out what I'm doing wrong here?

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