We are migrating the SQL database server to a new machine, with new server name and new IP address. I already have the procedure, but while checking all groups, I noticed that there is no more 'UserGroup' ID set in the 'ConfigSetting' table in MSCRM_CONFIG.

I've been able to identify all the other groups but not this 'UserGroup'.

To mention that nearly 2 year ago we migrated the environment from one AD forest to another, and in this process we did a full redeployment. All the user groups where available in the 'old' forest, but I did not check them after the migration

The CRM is working even if this Group ID is NULL, so I'm confused...

Maybe it is better if I do a new full redeployment for the new DB server, in order to have the groups recreated and reassigned properly?

Any suggestion?

Many thanks