I have a Client who has a Complex Requirement

CRM D365 to

1. Export Contact and “Custom” Entity Rows (Timesheet) to an Excel File (Spreadsheet)

2. Email this to the Contact as Attachment

Fairly simple, but the Excel File must have Rules within in, ie. Not more than 8 Hours a Day can be Captured, not more than 40 Hours a Week can be Captured.

3. Spreadsheet must be placed in the Customer Self Service Portal at a Pre-Defined Schedule for Download and Editing.

4. Once Edited with the above Rules in Place, uploaded back to the Portal

5. CRM to Import that Excel File, and make the appropriate Updates.

How would I accomplish this requirement. I have used a 3rd Party Tool to Generate the Excel File (plumsail) with the Rules however, I am now stuck with Upload back to Customer Self Service Portal and Subsequent Import into CRM.

Advice would be appreciated.