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Is there any way to report of this Value as it is available when you loose an opportunity but I can not find any way to report these values?

It would seem logical that you could get a 'Lost Opportunity' report showing details of the opportunity along with why it was lost, which competitor won it and the description as to why they won it?

Thank you in advance for you assistance.


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  • You could try to construct a report yourself

    Then you need to retrieve the correct fields from an opportunity and show them on the report.

    Have your tried that? Is that an option?

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  • The problem I have is that the 'competitor' field from the opportunity close screen does not appear to be on any of the opportunity tables?

    I can report of every other field, including the 'Actual Close Date' and the description that is on this final close screen but not the 'competitor'?

    Does anyone know where this field is stored?

  • Could I please ask if anyone else has any thoughts on this issue?

  • Graham,

    The competitor field is stored on an activity called Opportunity Close.  You cannot access the activity from advanced find like you can with other activities, as it is treated as one of the "special cases".

    My other thought is the native report writer can be used to get at this activity.  You could create a report using the Opportunity and Opportunit Close entities, and generate a list of lost opportunties and their competitors.


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