SQL 2012 and CRM 2011?

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I'm about to do an install of CRM 2011.  Now that SQL Server 2012 is official, and the RTM version is available for download, I'd rather use the latest version of SQL rather than install 2008 and upgrade somewhere down the road.

I was wondering what experiences people have had with running CRM 2011 on SQL 2012?  

I know that SQL 2012 is only just official, but it has been under test for some time.

I don't care if CRM 2011 doesn't fully take advantage of all of the wonders of SQL 2012, just that it runs on there.


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  • Hello,

    The support for CRM 2011 with SQL 2012 is coming at the end of April with the R8 release.

    Can you wait a few weeks to deply CRM 2011.

  • Thanks, Gus.  I know that's the official line, but I'm sure there are people who've tested / experimented with that combo, and was hoping to hear about some of those scenarios.  

    I can't wait  for CRM 2011 R8, so unless I hear about some concrete scenarios of CRM 2011 working on SQL 2012, then I guess I'll have to go with SQL 2008 R2, as much as I don't want to (so as to not have to go through an upgrade later).

  • I haven't seen any posts out there regarding CRM 2011 and SQL 2012 but I will check in the morning to see if I find something.

  • Thanks, Gus.  It's looking more and more like we'll need to go with SQL 2008 R2.

  • Well, that's a pretty safe bet...you won't go wrong with SQL Server 2008 R2.

    Good Luck!

  • Just out!


  • Wahoooooo!!!! Thanks so much, Gus, for bringing that to my attention *does a little happy dance*

  • haha - I'm glad the timing was perfect!

  • Yes, in under half an hour I'm about to install SQL Server.  Now I know I can install the latest, my preference!

  • I've tried:

    • Installing SQL 2012 with some customizations on install (just changing location of data, setting up services using specific accounts), then installing CRM 2011.  As noted above, the CRM install went well, and CRM appeared to be working well, but I couldn't get the report connector working
    • Repeated the same but with keeping all the SQL 2012 install defaults, and no more success with the report connector
    • Installing SQL 2008 R2, then CRM 2011, then report connector.  The aim was then to upgrade to SQL 2012 and reinstall report connector as noted in support.microsoft.com/.../2686619, but it wouldn't let me upgrade from a SQL 2008 R2 production version to a SQL 2012 evaluation version (it would seem there's a way around that, getting a PID via MS support).
    • A fresh install of SQL 2012, then CRM 2011, then making sure UR6 is installed, then installing the reporting connector.  With this, even with a fresh machine, the SQL 2012 install failed, with 3 services not starting.  Removing and re-installing those features got 2 out of the 3 services working.


    I'm now giving up on SQL 2012 for with CRM 2011 for now.  I need something that works, so will use SQL 2008 R2.  Later, when the upgrade release for CRM 2011 is released for SQL 2012 I'll experiment again.  I've spent a lot of time on this already and can't spend any more time on this. A shame - I would have liked to use SQL 2012 now.

  • Hi Abenton,

    There are some known issues with CRM 2011 report connector installation with SQL 2012. it has been reported by other customers also on different threads.

    I would suggest you to please use SQL 2008 for now as SQL 2012 is just released.



  • Hi,

    Would be nice if the KB article support.microsoft.com/.../2686619 was corrected. I got simply "Installation of one or more missing prerequisite components failed., Error, OK" when trying to re-install the connector.


    Jari L

  • Yes, Jari.  It does give false hope.  I'd wait until R8 is released before attempting to use SQL 2012 with CRM 2011.

  • You can safely  install on the SQL 2012 server without service update 8.

    When installing the  server there are no problems but when installing the SRSData Connector I advise you to download the latest version of setup (05.00.9690.1992) which is working without any problems.

  • Where can I download the 05.00.9690.1992 build of the SRS installer?

    I am running CRM 2011 su 8 with SQL Server 2012. It appears the SRSDataConnector installer fails with "Error: Installation of one or more missing prerequisite components failed., Error OK" this is caused by the vcredist_x64.exe failing due to their already being a more up to date version installed on the SQL Server.