advanced find - Limit the list of entity types and Saved Views

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Is there a way (supported way) to limit the amount of entities that are the the "Look for:" list?  Our solution has several hundred and we need to scale that back for most users.  Also, is there a way to restrict the saved views as well?  In some cases we would just like to hide the dropdown lists for entity and saved views.

I'm looking for a supported way.  I did manage to add some script the the advfind.aspx file and it does kind of work, but its not supported and won't work with Microsoft Online.




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  • To limit the entities that can be looked for, you would have to remove the permission to read this entity, which not only removes it from the "look for" list but from CRM altogether.

    Limiting the amount of Saved Views is not possible out of the box. You are able to track or know how many views people have but I don't think you will be able to limit the amount of views they can have.