Which way is the right way - the Microsoft dynamics marketing way - of viewing event registrants? From under the event?

What about the selections and answers to which the registrant has answered to regarding the event? What I meant is that if I have a landing page that is used as the registration page for an event and there are custom field questions such as "Are you a vegetarian?" -y/n, where can I see the answer to this question?

-> From the landing page and under the leads selection but not from the event registrations? Seriously?

And even more, if I have 200 event registrations and a small part of these registrants are vegetarians, some want to participate a lecture and some want to skip the dinner, do I need to go and see the specific answers to these questions from each and every registrants "lead" interaction page? I cannot make a dynamic list that would gather automatically the different landing page answers to one /several lists and so that I could sort and analyze the data?

-Oona T