I use fiddler to see what is happening when opening accounts using Outlook 2010 with CRM Integration.

Sometimes when we open accounts in CRM using Outlook I see that it contacts the ADFS server and opening the account takes 8-10 seconds.

Why is it sometimes contacting the ADFS server ?

Fiddler showing when opening one account as below, this took 11 seconds.

Opening another random account, it is not contacting ADFS server, 1-2 seconds time

So why is it on random sometimes contacting the ADFS server when opening contacts, this is happening on all our clients, it has nothing to do with the contacts as it appears random when I tested the same account on another computer it did not communicate with ADFS.

After a lot of testing it appears that 1 out of 15 it contacts ADFS on average and this slows down CRM.

I see no performance issues at all on servers when testing.

Specs :

CRM 2011 : Windows 2008 R2, Rollup Pack 18
ADFS Server : Windows 2008 R2

SQL : Windows 2012 R2, SQL 2012 R2

All servers hosted on VMware 6.0 with 10Gbit Network on Switches, client is 1Gb switches.