Project Service and Field Service Removed from PVS

As you may have discovered, the Field Service and Project Service solutions may not be readily available to install from your list of solutions in the O365 admin portal.

These solutions have been moved to the new AppSource and Dynamics Marketplace.  To install these solutions:


  1.     Go to the Marketplace and find the appropriate solution (  Alternatively, you can go into your CRMOL instance and go to Settings > Dynamics Marketplace to get to the above list of available apps.
  2.     Review app information and click on the “Try” button
  3.     Provide credentials
  4.    Select the target instance on which to install the Trial solution and agree to Terms of Service and Privacy statement.  This will take the user to the CRM Online Admin Center “Manage your solutions” page.
  5.    Wait for the solution installation to go from “Installation pending” to “Installed”
  6.    Then go to the CRMOL instance to access the App.


If you have already installed the Field Service or Project Service trials, please see the below notes:


  • ·       If you have already installed a “Trial for” (Field or Project), then this provisioning model change will remove the line entry from your “Manage your solutions” view in the CRM Admin Portal.
  • ·       To get updates for a Trial edition of the solution, you need to follow the above process to install the “latest” edition of the Trial package on at least one instance in your tenant.
  • ·       This will make the “Trial for” package visible again in the “Manage your solutions” view and will make updates available for other instances with an installation of the trial solution.