Hello community, hoping everyone be alright the purpose of this post is to request your help because now we’re presenting a curious case when loading  Dynamics CRM 2015 interface there is a significant difference between two “nodes” connected by NLB clusters, one with 2 nodes with a QA ambient and the other NLB cluster with 8 nodes for production ambient, the scenario is that both ambients run in the same protocol (ACK), same framework, same network and infraestructure, but the speed to open the CRM GUI in a branch office is literally different, the QA ambient does not load the initial Dynamics CRM 2015 GUI Page fast, just to 700Kbps (Being the link speed up to 6.9 Mbps) , we don’t understand why it does not load the data to the MPLS speed?, the CRM functionality does limit that? If that’s true which part or component administrates that?

Hope somebody could orientate us, thank you in advance, Greetings