Hi Adxstudio experts,

I am working on my Customer Portal development.
I have created an Entity Form for Create case page i.e. Create case Web Form where i have added few entity form metadata for required fields. After the case is created it is redirected to ReadOnly case page (OOTB) i.e. Private Open Case Web Form in CRM
I want to create the same functionality for Private open Case Web Form page. I have created an Entity Form for Private Open Case Web Form but when the case is created the site doesn't use my Entity Form created in CRM instead uses the form triggered from the code. 

Not sure why it defaults to trigger the form from code if I have created an Entity form (Private Open Case Web Form) specifically to that webpage (Case). Is there a way to override code changes?

I tried changing the visibility from the code in Case.aspx file. (Visible = "false") but that doesn't really help.

Let me know if you need further clarifications.