Hi all,

We use Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premise. In one of our main entity forms, we have CKEditor textbox editor field (say: Field1). Lately, we have this requirement to expose this entity on mobile. We enabled this entity for mobile and configured the mobile form. However Field1 appears on mobile form with all its html tags and is not readable. 

One idea was to create a new field (say: Field2) , and onSave of form, strip all html and save the text to this Field2 and expose this field on mobile. This works with a catch! If a user updates Field2 on mobile, syncing Field2 with Field1 would strip Field1 of all html formatting. So this is not a workable solution.

Ideally, I would like Field1 to render both on main form and the mobile form. Is it possible? What other alternatives do I have?