Hi all, 

So Universal Resource Scheduling is a thing now, breaking the schedule board away from Field Service and opening it up for Customer Engagement. Does anybody out there have any experience with it using it with Sales/Opportunities? Does it work well, or is URS one of those "works in progress" that's still rough around the edges? Does it tie in with the D365 App for Tablets and Phones, or does it require its own app? Does it sync to Office 365/Outlook through the same Async process as D365, or is it its own thing? Can users block time in their Outlook calendar and have it sync to the schedule calendar?

How well does it work in the 9.1/Unified Interface environment?

It looks like it would be incredibly useful for a sales team on the go, being able to show the reps available in a geographic location, travel time, mapping, etc... but screenshots never tell the full story. ;) If anyone could share their personal experience with URS and Sales, I'd greatly appreciate it!