Hello dear community, we are about to upgrade our crm-system and so we must also update our outlook crm plugin.

Does anybody has maybe a tipp for me, how to approach best the following achievement:

1.) uninstall the CRM 2015 Outlook Client including 4 Patches (Update 0.1/Update 0.3/Update 1.1/Update 1.2) and language packs (optional)

2.) installation of the Dynamics 365 for Outlook including Update 1.0

Is there perhaps a way to run a particular script to silently uninstall the old application (CRM2015 outlook client) incl. the patches.
by silently i mean that no "user interaction" is necessary. so the end user run only one executable file (script) and it is doing all the uninstall steps for us including deleting also the CRM 2015 folders and registry keys. if possible this sript should afterwards also run silently the installation of the new application (Dynamics 365 for outlook) + update.

Or is there alternatively a Microsoft clean up utility tool out there which can delete the old application through some less mouse clicks?