Hello everyone.  We're on CRM 2013 and recently migrated our on-prem Exchange server to Exchange Online.  Before we realized server-side syncing was not supported (hybrid config), we experimented with setting up server profiles with limited success.  I'm now trying to configure CRM to use the email router.  My understanding is that no server profile is needed when using the email router and should be blank.  This is how I've configured as far as I can tell:

Here is how my mailbox is configured:

 However, I receive the following alert when I attempt to "Text & Enable Mailbox" for my account.

I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I've configured the system settings to use the email router, and left the server profile blank.  I'm not sure why CRM is insisting on using a server profile unless our earlier experimentation has created a bit of circular logic behind the scenes.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Alternatives to get mail flowing are welcome, too!