Our company uses Gmail for corporate email and Outlook as its email client.  The Dynamics CRM/365 for Microsoft Office Outlook client is very handy.  The problem is, if you install this Outlook Add-in, it breaks the G Suite Sync for MS Outlook's (GSSMO) ability to resume from a computer's sleep/hibernate state.  Moreover, no errors are raised (only the G Sync icon in the Taskbar turns gray).  The only way to get GSSMO functioning again is to restart Outlook.  This is a headache, but not the real problem...

With the GSSMO offline, one can send emails from Outlook but they will never reach the recipients and no errors will be raised.  The sent mail will show in Sent Items in Outlook, but since GSSMO is offline, the mail never gets synced/sent by Gmail.

This was never an issue before installing the Dynamics CRM/365 for Microsoft Office Outlook Add-in. I have been applying the Add-in updates for almost a year and keep hoping this problem will be fixed in the latest version.  To date, it hasn't.

My version of Dynamics doesn't match listings in the Filters below, but here's what I show:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Version 1612 ( (DB on-premises

Dynamics CRM/365 for Microsoft Office Outlook Add-in - Version 8.0 with Update 2.6 applied

Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 MSO - Version 1905 (Build 11629.20214 Click-to-Run)

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook - Version 4.1.28

Windows 10 Pro - Version 1809

Please help!!