Whereas, wave 2 allows us to customize opportunity (quote, order & invoice) detail entity for the first time (I believe)

whereas, I added a new product lookup to opportunityproduct and arranged to dynamically assign a custom view to it

whereas, the control operates properly in Edge & IE but, in Chrome I

  • get no list upon hitting 'enter'
  • get a javascript error, $7, if I change view to my custom view (it shows as the default view as expected)

I believe there is something in the wave 2 change that is incompatible with Chrome

I can't swear it's not a problem overall with formContext.getControl().addCustomView() in the unified/model experience but, I assume someone would have found it by now if it was a problem BEFORE wave 2.

I hope I'm not crazy and that you can get to the bottom of this.