Hello guys,

I am getting some weird errors while trying to access the documents of an entity.

The Sharepoint integration seems to be in order and the problem that i am facing is when i try to navigate to the sharepoint grid, displaying all of the contents of the folder, the iframe that loads on the browser some times tries to load the document library page instead of the servername/.../crmgridpage.aspx.

Users report that the document location is not responsive but after a quick check i figured out that the message shown after the load is "SharepointSRV refused the connection", which is correct since the Forms.aspx page that the CRM tries to load includes a "SAME ORIGIN" header preventing IFrames from loading SharePoint content.

After a couple of refreshes i am able to navigate to the Document location and after a check i validated that the IFrame loaded the correct aspx page, meaning servername/.../crmgridpage.aspx ...

Has anyone ever faced such a problem?

I am guessing that the request in order to load the IFrame pointing to the document library is parsed by the CRM system, so the error if any should be in the CRM server instead of the Sharepoint Server which handles the request. To come to the above assumption a test was performed by copy-pasting the link, and getting a result page, at the time that the CRM failed to execute the request.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.