Hi All,

We are in the process to migrating our CRM 2016 8.1 environment to Dynamics 365 On-Premise using the new server installation approach. We have One SQL server and one front End server with Dynamics 365 already installed. Both are server 2016 with SQL 2016 on the SQL box. We plan to migrate using the configuration migration tool which seems to work great so far.

My question is, how do you handle all activities and most importantly email tracking that's already setup in our production 2016 environment.

We plan on keeping the same server URL for Dynamics but was wondering for users who are using the outlook client for email tracking and appointments will tracking be enabled on all existing contacts or emails that has been tracked once all data is migrated over to Dynamics 365.

we currently have two server profiles one exchange online and the other email router. the email router was used before configured server side sync. some mailboxes are on the new exchange online email profile and others are on the old email router profile.

Any tips of details is appreciated.