We have outgrown Quickbooks Pro and are currently shopping for a replacement. We are debating on moving up in the Quickbooks chain and going with QB Enterprise, or possibly moving over to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I personally, as the person who will be supporting the infrastructure, am not a fan of QB. I would much rather support Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We grew from 6mil revenue to 17mil rev in one year. With projections of the same amount of increase for the next 2 years. Our headcount has gone from 22 employees to 250 in 2 years. I firmly believe if we stay in the Quickbooks cloud product line, enterprise or not, we will outgrow its capability. So if we're going to go through the migration pains, we may as well do it once, and do it right.

Any recommendations? Quickbooks Enterprise, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM GP?

The owner of the company has a very long financial background and LOVES reporting features and always being able to look at numbers in every way possible. Keep that in mind. I just don't think QB will meet those needs as far as reporting speeds, an d flexibility in the long run.