I've read many articles on the topic and they are all inconclusive. Some say it is a OotB feature, others claim developers have to implement it themselves. I've seen video guides on how to turn on and use Speech-to-text with Resco's Mobile CRM application, but here comes my confusion - Resco provides their Woodford solution for configuring and customizing Microsoft's Field Service Mobile. There's this awesome video by Dana Sunikova, product specialist at Resco, where she explains in detail what to do in order to be able to use their OotB Speech-to-text and it's very simple really, but it is about Resco's Mobile CRM and not Field Service Mobile.

So please, if anyone has any solid information about this, would you be so kind to share it with me? And if it is possible can you provide a quick how-to, or maybe a link to a more detailed explanation somewhere?

Currently I'm working with Microsoft's Field Service Mobile v12.1.203.0 on a Android device and Resco's Woodford v12.3.1.46841 

Thank you for your time.