To make my subject clearer, i'll explain a scenario: As a user, i want to apply for a licence on a web app, so i login and I fill in my details. As an administrator, i want to review, approve or deny that application, so I login on that web app, review the submitted application and invite the user for an in-person interview or decline the application. 

To my question, does the user (applicant) and the administrator (reviewer) use the same interface when they login or the possible use of web forms for back office interface, which is different from what the user sees. I've heard that MS Dynamics CRM has unique interfaces for users and administrators so i'm hoping to confirm that or any possible modifications possible to meet my need.

In addition, does anyone have more information about Microsoft Dynamics' Power Platform and Power Automate toolbox. It's Pros and Cons towards managing workflows and client activities.

Thank you!