Hi experts,

I'm looking for your best opinion on the topic. I need to evaluate which would be the best approach.

I know it is not a simple model, but I am sure that there is someone in this forum with enough experience, who will be able to point me in the right direction! Pleaseee... :)

1) Group of engineering & Construction

2) Several companies belong to the group (company A, B, C, D, etc.)

3) The Lead or Opportunity is defined as the Final Project (for the Final customer)

4) Proposals can be developed individually (by a single company), or by several group companies together or separately (the only limitation is that only one, or only one group, can compete for the final project)

5) Whenever companies show interest in participating in a specific project (or opportunity), a Participation Model is formed (group of companies or individual company)

6) There are 6 different participation models and in the same opportunity, several of these can appear

7) Participation models are the ones to be qualified or not (must be identified in the Lead phase)

8) Often more than 1 model of participation is qualified. For example, we can have
a) Participation Model 1: Company A + Company B that compete together for the Final project (but with different services and therefore both have specific proposals)
b) Participation Model 2: Company B that responds to a request for quotation from an external company that intends to bid for the Final Project
In this case, we have 2 Participation Models and 3 Proposals.

9) General process: Father Opportunity >> Participation Model >> Child Opportunity

X) Ensure the functioning of this model, without losing the potential of the Dynamics solution

Y) Ensure a simple usability model, in which it is possible to access and / or introduce summary information (Final Project, participation model and companies related to each model) right at Father Lead 

Z) Ensure a tabular model in the area of ​​active Leads and Opportunities, which would allow the Parent Opportunities to be seen in a direct and integrated way >> Affected participation model >> Child Opportunities (Companies, individual proposals, etc.)

How could the system be developed to meet these requirements? Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance