I am currently reviewing a CRM 2011 DB for its upgrade readiness and from running few SELECT SQL queries I found that there are few records that are there in "ACTIVE SOLUTION" which has the "ismanaged=1" (i.e. as managed). This doesnt seem to look as the definition of "Active Solution" as below:

"The Active solution represents the current published unmanaged customizations that define the behavior of the application."

Can I please get some help to advise if there is something wrong with the state of the Database or there could be a "valid" case where this could happen meaning the combination of "Active Solution" having records of "managed" type (i.e. ismanaged=1)

I would appreciate a response from someone who has good understanding of CRM Database and its tables etc. For example: I was expecting to have below query not return any records back but these are returning the records?

Sample Queries:

  • select * from WebResourceBase where solutionid = 'FD140AAE-4DF4-11DD-BD17-0019B9312238' and IsManaged = 1
  • select * from WorkflowBase where solutionid = 'FD140AAE-4DF4-11DD-BD17-0019B9312238' and IsManaged = 1