I'm wondering if someone can tell me if its possible to create a multi-entity business process flow where I transition through three different entities. There is currently no branching, just straight hopping from one entity to the next. What I would like to do is set the relationships between stages ahead of time so that when I click next stage it won't ask me to create a new record that will be used for the next stage. Ideally it wouldn't even show multiple available records to select either, but as it is now it shows an empty list asking me to create records and not be able to select records already created for the business process flow.

Entity A = A hub of references to everything. Primary entity the BPF is linked to.

Entity B = technically the parent entity of A. B can have many A.

Entity C = Linked to both A and B. A can have 1 C, and B can have many C.

The flow of the BPF is A -> B -> C -> A

Entity A contains all the IDs I would want to use by the time the BPF is created. I've also created additional look ups within the BPF that directly link to the records I hope to transition into just in case. They're set on create, but I don't appear to be able to use them to my advantage.

I've tried a workflow setting all the lookups, but it complains about the traverse path if I set any one that isn't the look up to the primary entity and whatever lookup is used for the active stage.

I'd appreciate the guidance if anyone can shed some light on this.

Edit: I've figured out a janky way of achieving one record appears at each stage through playing with lookups. I'm not a fan of it, and wondering if there are better options other than it coming down to look ups on a record. Two other questions:

Is it possible to remove the create button where you select a record between stages?

Already asked, but is it possible to auto select a record when clicking next stage instead of being presented with the select a record area?