Hello everyone,

I'm trying to develop a Power BI Report with Dynamics CRM user activity, similar to the dataverse analytics report with information regarding:

  • Total number of active users;
  • Total number of active users logged in CRM per day;
  • Total number of active users by operative system, device type , browser, etc.

I've connected Power BI to the Dynamics CRM database using Common Data Service connection. I'm able to retrieve most of this information through the audit table.

I would like to know which tables have information about the CRM usage:

  • Users login by date/time (in other words, everytime a user opens CRM, even if only to consult information). Through the audit, I only get infomartion about operations (creating/deleting/editing entities). If a user only uses the CRM to consult information (like openning the app or openning a entity), that access is not registered in the audit.
  • How did the users accessed CRM: Through ther phone, computer, did they access the website or the app, etc.

Thank you!