I created this neat html page that I'd like to be accessed via the sitemap as well as by a direct link, something like (we're still on premise) https://ourcrm.us.nl/webresources/helloworld.html

This works alomst perfectly! If I navigate to this page using the altered sitemap, the entire navbar and application ribbon is shown (Yéééh! Pretty!). If I publish the link on our intranet, clicking it will only open the html page I created and it won't show the navbar and application ribbon (Naaah! Ugly!).
That does make sense, but I'd really like to show the navbar in any situation (don't want my users to forget they're actually working in Dynamics CRM).

Does anyone have an idea how to get that up and running?
I've tried putting it in a dashboard and that 'sort of does the trick', but it's still inside a dashboard (sub optimal).

Thanks for thinking along!