In dynamics CRM 4.0 on nearly every entity there is a "notes" tab and I would like to create a custom entity on a custom tab that acts just like that notes view.  I've been able to figure out the basic underpinnings of the notes N:1 relationship (one account, contact, case, etc. can have any number of notes...) The idea here is that I'd like to have an account security tab on the account entity with a security question and answer and an account PIN which I have created, but underneath that I'd like to have a section called "alerts" that acts just like the notes tab but displays a custom entity called account alerts.  The idea here is that one account can have many alerts that are seen at the same time the customer is verified by asking the security question and/or the PIN.  Right now, I've just got one text area on that tab called "Critical Alerts" that while t does the job, it's one alert that cannot really be tracked whereas notes can be many notes each with a default name saying who created it and when.  The critical alerts should act the same way so that way they don't get buried in the day-to-day notes (e.g. one account could have an alert that says "Do not release information to person X due to know abusive environment" and another that says "do not hang up on this customer they have some special medical needs" and by having these type of critical alerts right on the security tab, during normal account verification processes, these types of mission critical notes don't get lost)....  I don't have any idea how the notes tab in any given entity actually works so I really cannot create or duplicate that behavior using my own custom entity.  I'd love to see how that notes control works but since it's in a locked section I cannot see its properties.

does anyone have a better solution that what I'm thinking of that allows for this type of behavior or better?