Hello everyone,

I have a question on the bootstrapping concept of Dual Write.

I went through the article "Initialize Company Data"  which mentions that we need to update all existing records of a table in Dataverse to populate the Company field based on values from D365 FO.  However, I couldn't figure out for which tables this bootstrapping needs to be performed.  The example explained bootstrapping the Customer table.  Should bootstrapping be performed for all the tables of Dataverse or only the tables (and related tables) that we want to enable for mapping?


Apart from updating the Company field of a table in Dataverse with respective values from F&O, is there something else that is part of bootstrapping?  Should there be matching natural keys between both the system if we want to sync existing records?  

Any tip or additional information which are not covered in the article would be of great help.

Thanks in advance. 


Palani K.B.