My current organization has a desktop app developed using UII framework which launches a bunch of Hosted Control and Web Hosted Application in different tabs. Recently my organization has decided to decommission the CRM dynamics.

  • Q1: Is it possible to keep using the UII framework to launch those apps without using Dynamics, say by using a custom webservice which exposes relevant endpoints to fetch Hosted Control and Web Hosted Application details? 

I am thinking what if I create a webservice that mimics CRM Dynamic's GET/Retrieve/RetrieveMultiple calls. Using Fiddler I noticed that when the app launches it makes a call to <host:port>/<org>/XRMService/2011/Organisation.svc and loads the WSDL file. I believe subsequent SOAP calls to fetch the Hosted Control and Web Hosted Application details are made using TCP and not HTTP as I couldn't see those calls in Fiddler.  

  • Q2: Is it possible to configure the UII framework to use the REST Web API /api/data/v8.2 instead of the SOAP service?
  • Q3: If REST Web API call is not an option, is it possible to switch the SOAP to HTTP instead of TCP?
  • Q4: What other options do I have to replace Dynamics with an alternative with minimal changes to our existing application?

I should mention that I have just started looking into this and don't have prior experience working with UII framework.

Thanks in advance.