Hello Everyone,

This is something that I have been researching for some time now. Some quick bullet points as to what we are running in our environment:

  • Currently we are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 v1612 ( on-premise
  • We are running Microsoft SSRS 2014
  • We are running Microsoft SSMS 2014
  • Created SSRS report using Visual Studio 2019

So the issue that I'm having is this...

I created some gauges in SSRS that I am having displayed in a Dynamics CRM dashboard using an IFrame. The gauges display perfectly fine when using Internet Explorer but will not display AT ALL in any other web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.). The URL that's being used in the IFrame is going based off the server and not the IP address. Below is my URL:

http://<Server Name>/ReportServer?%2fFluffy_Folder%2fFluffy_Reports%2fFluffy_Gauge&rs:Command=Render&rc:Toolbar=false

During my research I have seen users making updates to the ReportingServices.js file by adding the following code to the end:

function pageLoad() {
var element = document.getElementById("ctl32_ctl09");
if (element)
element.style.overflow = "visible";

I can log directly onto the reporting server and view the gauges from all web browsers and without any issues. The strange thing, after making the update to the Java file, was that the SSRS gauges actually appeared in the Vivaldi web browser but not the others. After checking the dashboard on the other web browsers and then going back to Vivaldi I couldn't get the gauges to appear again. Now I'm really trying to get the gauges to appear in Edge because that's the web browser that my company is pushing on its users but I can't figure out why the SSRS gauges are not appearing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!