Hello Experts,

We have a scenario to allow users having valid email id to login to portal.

Users can be of any company or organization but their email id should be valid and should belong to specific domain.

E.g.- veerendra.challa@jntuk.org, veerendra.challa@stanford.com, veerendra.challa@maxwell.in etc.

When users login to Portal, active directory should authenticate user email id from external directories based on domain of email id and only allow user if email id is present.

For e.g. - when user logs in to portal using veerendra.challa@jntuk.org, active directory should check for user in JNTUK external directory using JNTUK.ORG domain and allow user to login only if he is present in external directory.

If user tries to login with invalid email id like abc@abc.com, portal should not allow him to login as it is an invalid email id.

Please help me with possible solution.