I have two custom tables in my CRM Portals namely Orders and Products. I have a entity form for Order Creation. In the entity form I have a text field to input Product Name. I managed to add abutton next to the input box product_name labeled as Search Product. The user comes to the web page to place an order. They enter abc on the product_name and hits the Search Product button next to the product_name text box. When the hit the search button, I need to show the list of products that match the entered text from the entity form using the view of the Products table. Ideally I want to show them either as a modal window or right below the prdcut_name text box as a grid. Once they pick a product from the lisy it has to be passed back to the same field in the order creation form. Usually the user enters abc* and hits the search button. The list will bring back 5 rows. The user will select one of the 5 rows. On selection of the row the list needs to disappear and the prodcut name copied bact to the entity form. I am not allowed to use lookup for this. The Products entity has about 50 thousand records and it has a view to list names as productsearch. I am open to liquid, js or jquery. Any help on this is much appreciated. Each order will have only one product.