Recently, we updated our Microsoft 365 version to 2108, and we saw that now the plugin App for Outlook use the new WebView2 of Edge.

But since this update, we have a pop up showing everytime we open the panel, asking us to "Sign in".

We can see in the debugger linked to the app of Outlook a lot of errors about authorization / identity claim.

If we click on the cross, the plugin works perfectly.

If we click on "Sign in", it open an Internet page trying to auth on this kind of link


And when we choose our professional account, it redirect to a blank page on https://apps.powerapps.com/authflow/authv2/end and got errors too

We tried to remove the Edge cache, disable the advert property in Edge, remove the Outlook cache...

Someone already had this kind of problem ?

Do you have any idea how to get this out ?