Does anyone know what Microsoft's recommended integration software to integrate Dynamics CRM 2016 on-prem with Dynamics NAV 2018 on-prem would be? We currently use TIBCO Scribe Insight on-prem but this tool is being sunset this year for a cloud version that doesn't offer the same features and I wanted to know what Microsoft's recommended integration software would be that would be comparable to TIBCO Scribe?  We have integrations that are non-standard and a data flow that moves date from CRM -> NAV and from our legacy systems -> CRM.  We also have quite a bit of customization on our Dynamics CRM solution installation which is why we had gone with TIBCO Scribe to begin with (back in 2014).  Things have changed since we made the decision to use Scribe to integrate, so I'm curious what Microsoft recommends now and/or if they have a competing product?