We recently setup Dual-Write in our Sandbox environments and plan to deploy to Production shortly.

However, we just noticed that updating a Warehouse causes the name to blank out.  Trying to enter a new name fails.  It just remains blank.

We tried several ways: Direct entry, export / import, PA Flow, they all result in a Successful process - but a blank name field.

The real head-scratcher is:  We did not connect the FS Warehouse Entity to the F&O Table.  This implies that as part of the DW Core install and/or part of the DW Orchestration Application Solution, a change was made within Field Service that is causing this behavior.  

There was a hotfix last June (2021) for the name blanking in Field Service when it was updated within F&O.  But, we just installed 2 weeks ago and as mentioned, did not connect these together.

Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance.