I have a few questions regarding D365 App for Outlook in an on-premises Dynamics CRM 2016 Server environment.

We run a Dynamics CRM 2016 Server (actually it's named Dynamics CRM 365 on-premises) V8.2 with IFD. This is Mail Server profile-wise connected to our on-premises Exchange which operates in a hybrid mode. Now we have moved almost all mailboxes to Exchange Online. And I figure out that the users in charge cannot send /receive emails via CRM anymore. We do not really use Dynamics CRM for Email communication, just a few users do send out a few emails via some workflows every now and then, all the rest happens with Outlook and Email Tracking.

For these few emails to work I have set up an SMTP Email Server Profile, that's ok. But there comes the D365 App forOutlook wich is heavily used by our sales reps in order to track emails from their Outlook into CRM.

As I can tell so far, this D365 App still works even after mailbox migration to EXO, but a few questions comes to my mind:

* is it normal that D365 App still works for a Mailbox which was migrated, eventually yes, because the link isn't made between the on-prem Exchange and CRM, but the Outlook Client and CRM?

* How do I install (push) the D365 App for new users from now on, if they do not have an active and successfully enabled mailbox, due to the lack of having a O365 EXO mail server profile set up. Is that mandatory from now on for new users if I want D365 App for them?

* How do I disable/remove the D365 App from Outlook. The only way I am aware of was via OWA personal settings etc. But these Add-Ins part isn't available in the Outlook Online Browser App.

* If an Exchange Online Account is required, one of the prerequisites is the so called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hybrid Connector. Looks like that needs to be added to an O365 account, what account shall I use for this? It suggests me to use my own O365/Azure account, is that ok? What’s the purpose of this linking it to an account?

kind regards,