OK Here we go now:

I'd like to pop up a message box for any number of conditions on the contact record.  The biggest one that I can think of is Custom Gender Identity.  Every time the card for a contact is opened up a webpage dialog reminding the person of the customer's preferred pronouns comes up.  The other thing I was think of is so-called security alerts.

[What I've done for gender identity warnings]

* Created 2 custom attributes "Gender As Identified" and "Gender as Identified (custom value)" when the contact is created there's a script that needs reading and then they pick from a picklist with options (Male (he/him/his), Female (she/her/hers), Non-Binary (they/them/theirs), Decline to State, Some other value (see blank below)) and if the custom value is chosen, then obviously I'd want the rep to fill it in just like those options in the picklist as a template.

* it's now up to the individual who now gets the next call to go to the contact's detail tab and look for the gender identity preferences which again can be a human error to ignore it or forget or the like.

[Security Warnings]

* on both the account and the contacts records, the first tab is a custom tab with a large edit box called "Alerts & Warnings" with a large edit box that is just supposed to be reviewed and it's on the honor system that you won't change it unless you have to so important things don't get "berried in the notes"... but anyone can edit this if they desire to delete them, change them etc.  We use this alerts and warnings tab for all kind of things mainly things like "*** PER ESD JENNETTE M.: on 01/01/23: Safety Alert***: Customer Known to be Abusive, Disconnect or Transfer to Super" or disability warnings like "*** DISABILITY ALERT***: Customer is nonverbal and uses an iPad to communicate.  Please wait for typed response as response times may be slower.  Do not disconnect until told to do so by customer. ****" or other such things.

Since this is a free-form edit, anyone can add to it, remove from it, or change it at will which is not good for data integrity. 

Are there workflows and/or javascript that I can attach to the OnLoad event to the people on the phones or in chat can see these critical things?  are there JS and/or workflow that can be used to lock it down so these critical values cannot be edited "just for the fun of it"?

I know there's something by c360 called "Alerts" but they are not selling a version for 4.0 so I need to use the tools I have.

Anyhow, any help in this matter would  be helpful.