So here we go:

I have all the CRM stuff accessible via Remote Desktop (Windows Server 2008) and have Office 2010 installed.  The problem occurs when one user out of all of us wants to have her CRM in outlook.  the CRM 4.0 outlook client doesn't want to recognize Outlook 2010.  I tried installing Outlook 2007 alongside the 2010 and it conflicts.  We all prefer to use 2010 outlook and office over 2010.  Is there a way to make the two outlooks co-exist in the same RDS instance or do I need to tell my one person who prefers outlook to "just use the web interface... you're stuck."

Please note that I am sure there are more amongst my teams that would prefer to use Outlook but this person is really stubborn about it because of her disabilities; for whatever odd reason, Outlook just "works better for her" and I would like to accommodate to the maximum extent possible given the software configuration..