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I have a profile, but I'm now getting asked to Create a User

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  • levindi posted on 19 Nov 2017 1:38 AM
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    1. How do I change my Username name ?

    2. Who I can write to in order to get help with Dynamics Community username ?

    I registered to dynamics community 2-3 years ago with my email address,

    I success to log in to Microsoft account, but when I try to navigate Dyanmics Community I'm asked to  create a user. I can't register with my email address because it tells me it has taken already. 

    Any help with these issues will be appriciated.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Community Manager responded on 20 Nov 2017 10:16 AM
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    Hi levindi,

    Sorry you are having login issues. This is probably due to having multiple Microsoft Accounts.

    Please go to the Community using a different browser or use InCognito/InPrivate and sign-in with an alternate email (Microsoft Account). Let us know if this works!

    Regarding your username, this can be changed under Settings which is located in the drop-down under your profile when you are signed in. You can also change your community email address under Settings if you would prefer to use the profile you just created. Duplicate emails are allowed once you create a community profile - during account creation, duplicate emails are blocked. 

    You can find more information around multiple community accounts here:

    Here's the email address to the community admin team: dlcommed (AT) microsoft (DOT) com


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