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Deep links with the Business Central app for Android

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We have a group of users at an external location that have been added as guest users to 365 with B2B and they have been added to BC. The authentication email shows with the #EXT# format and users are not able to login to the Android app. I created a deep link and launched it through adb on several versions of the BC app down to 2.8 (on both an emulated device and a physical), but was not able to replicate the behavior described in the documentation.

? adb shell am start -d ms-businesscentral://
Starting: Intent { dat=ms-businesscentral:// }
The users are on a separate 365 tenant with no BC instance of their own. I know the app will try and login to the instance associated with their account, but is the link wrong or does it only work with different environments in the same tenant? The documentation implies that it is intended for working across multiple AAD organizations. Thank you!