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Customer Reimbursement - Credit Note approval

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Hi There

Hello everyone,
I tried to issue a credit to a customer using the /Reimbursement/ function. After several attempts, everything seems to be working fine now. However, when processing the invoice through the AP module, the credit doesn't appear because it needs to be /Approved/ beforehand.
Is there a way to set it up for automatic approval? I couldn't find this parameter. Does anyone know where I can configure it? Please see the screenshot.

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    D365 N00b 43 on at
    Customer Reimbursement - Credit Note approval
    Hi @Kevin Xia 
    I tried to find the approval workflow for Credit Note or reimbursement. Somehow I could not find anything realted. 
    There must be a parameter for this. 


    What is the "Settle transactiont" method and where it the parameter for this? I thing this would be the solution for this problem. 
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    D365 N00b 43 on at
    Customer Reimbursement - Credit Note approval
    Hi @André Arnaud de Calavon 

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I tried to find information on how the reimbursement credit note was created but couldn't find anything.
    What I know for sure is that it was created and transferred from a customer
    account to a vendor account using the reimbursement function. What do you mean by "fetched with the invoice journal"?

    kind regards 
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    Kevin Xia on at
    Customer Reimbursement - Credit Note approval

    Here are general steps to guide you:

    1. Locate Credit Note Approval Workflow:

      Look for the workflow associated with the approval of credit notes or reimbursements. This may be named according to your organization's naming conventions.
    2. Review and Modify Workflow Steps:

      Access the steps within the workflow related to credit note approval.Check if there's a specific step for credit note approval and review its conditions and actions.
    3. Adjust Approval Conditions (if needed):

      If the workflow has conditions for approval, ensure they align with your requirements. If automatic approval is desired, you might need to adjust the conditions to facilitate this.
    4. Configure Approval Parameters:

      In some cases, approval parameters might be configured separately. Check for any setup related to automatic approval within the workflow or approval configuration.
    Best regards,
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    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,030 Super User on at
    Customer Reimbursement - Credit Note approval
    Hi D365 N00b,
    Possibly, this invoice was posted via the Invoice register. If that is the case, the Approved field is not enabled until the invoice will be fetched in the Invoice approval journal and posted. Can you check how this vendor transaction was posted? 
    If it was posted in another way, someone might have disabled the Approved field for this transaction. In that case, you can enable it. Note that if it got posted via the Invoice register, the invoice approval will be posted first.

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