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Segment query and how to remove duplicate emails at the segment create phase

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So our database a quite a few contacts with the same email address. Whenever we create a segment it brings in those duplicates.
I had a look at the msdynmkt_segmentdefinition table and there seems to be a query column that converts whatever you put into the segment builder into this specific query language.
My question would be is there a way to remove contacts with duplicate contacts so that we can get a accurate count of how many distinct email addresses are in a segment. This can be either out of the box or potentially programmatically using whatever that query language is being used.
I know there a feature switch that allows the journey to dedupe the contacts automatically when going through a journey but what I'm after is the ability to dedupe at the segment creation level so that we get an accurate count of exactly how many people will be getting a email for example in journey.
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    MikeC282 2,068 on at
    Segment query and how to remove duplicate emails at the segment create phase
    Thanks @Fiona! I had a read and not sure how that is different from this feature switch that's already available. I turned it on and it dedupes the emails during send.
    The way that article is written is quite vague.
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    Fiona_Tiernan 258 on at
    Segment query and how to remove duplicate emails at the segment create phase
    Hi Mike,

    There is a feature that I believe is due to become generally available in September, to prevent sending duplicate emails to shared email addresses.

    You can read more about that feature here >

    To my knowledge there isn't an easy OOTB way to identify Contacts / Leads with duplicate email addresses at the segment level - at the moment I usually re-build the query in the View filter, export, and then perform a v-look-up to identify these. So I'm looking forward to this feature becoming available!

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