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Production control setup for another site

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Hello All,

We have two sites(A and B). Long back we have implemented production control module for one site(A site) and running. Now we are planning to start production for another site(B). How to setup for another site?

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    Grygory.Ivanov Profile Picture
    Grygory.Ivanov 160 on at
    RE: Production control setup for another site

    OK, if there are no specific requerements - just adding a site would work right away from parameters perspective.

    You need to make sure you use non-site specific parameters like shown below.


    So other parameters will be taken into account by the system no matter what - they are not site-specific.

    Additionally, you will need to setup your master data: BOMs/Formulas and Routes (if you use them) to have new site version. It is easy to copy, if you want.Also, make sure you setup your inventory locations\warehouses properly. And, if you use production costing, make sure your prices for materials, so as labor and indirect rates, have been setup, too.

    Try this on a PROD copy in one of the TEST environments - and try to go through production end-to-end scenario. That will immidiately show you potential gaps in master data.

  • rameshreddy Profile Picture
    rameshreddy 10 on at
    RE: Production control setup for another site

    Hi Grygory,

    We are planning to implement same thing for site B. There is no sub production scenario.

  • Grygory.Ivanov Profile Picture
    Grygory.Ivanov 160 on at
    RE: Production control setup for another site

    Hello Ramesh,

    Can you please be more specific on the requirements you have for your Site B? Is that unique in terms of transactions processing? How you want (if you want at all) warehouse movements to be done in and out that site? How production orders between sites are related together (sub-production scenario)?

    Majority of the settings in the production module are set on the module level, they are not site specific. However, some key parameters might be made site-speific - that is why I am asking the questions above.

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