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Batches and Monthly Closing

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Hi All,

I was recently asked by my manager to understand what "batch and monthly closing" is in MS Dynamics SL. Since I have no clue about the subject matter, because my background and experience is primarily database administration, so I thought I come to this forum and ask. Thank you in advance.


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    RE: Batches and Monthly Closing

    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry I wasn't clear, but as I mentioned I'm not familiar with how the Dynamics SL app works.

    A financial user had reported that it takes a long time to run the batches. According to the user, in the "Release Receipt Batches (04.400.00) window, she selects each individual batch to process, the batch with higher USD amount (under the Batch Control column) tends to process the longest. For example a batch with over $3 million would process for about an hour.

    So, I was asked by my manager to understand how the batch works and to improve on the processing. Again I'm a DBA, so naturally I reviewed the SQL event log looking for culprits, but I did not find any SQL statements, within the processing window, to be problematic. All the SQL statements executed optimally. So, I'm seeking for suggestions/recommendation on which direction to take next, that is if anything can be done as far as improving batch processing. Is this more of an application, .NET or C#, issue, and can it (the app) be altered in any way for improvement?

    Thank you again.


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    RE: Batches and Monthly Closing

    I'm not clear about your question.

    But if you refer about closing a period, you can use the General Ledger > Post Transaction 01.520.00 screen and after you post all the batches list, you can use the Closing 01.560.00 screen with the period option.

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