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E-Mailing Customer Statements - GP 2018 18.6.1695 (2023)

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We want to start e-mailing our monthly customer statements, vs. mailing them via snail mail. 
I have a couple of questions related to this.
1, How do we enable the Send E-mail Statements option? I do have Customer Statement enabled under Company E-mail Setup.
2. Once the Send E-mail Statements option is enabled, do we need to do anything else, beside check the Email option button when running the Statements Routine each month?  Does doing this automatically email statements for all customers that the Send E-mail Statements option is enabled for (and for which there is an e-mail address), and print the rest? Are there any other setup or processing steps needed?
Thank you.
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    E-Mailing Customer Statements - GP 2018 18.6.1695 (2023)
    Hey PattiK323,

    The first question I like to start with on these types of cases is are you able to currently email other reports out of GP? If the email process has not been setup yet, this would be the first place to start.

    It does appear that you are setup to email as I see the Application ID in your screenshot. My response will be with the expectation that you can email out of GP already.

    The basic setup to be able to email Statements to customers.
    1. Define the Sales Email Setup.
      1. Sales >> Setup >> E-mail Settings
      2. Mark the Customer Statements checkbox.
      3. If you are going to use Messages, select the message you want to use.
        1. If you have not created the message yet, you can use the path below to the messages window.
          1. Administration >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Message Setup.
      4. Assign the message by using the lookup and selecting it.
      5. If you want to have replies sent to a specific location, enter the Email that the Replies will go to I the Have Replies Sent to.
        1. This field can be buggy so be sure to manually type it in instead of using the select names buttons to look it up.
          1. If you get Unknown errors, it is likely do to the have replies sent field.
      6. Click Ok to save the changes.
    2. Next, you need to define each customer that you want the statements to be emailed for.
      1. Open the Customer Maintenance window.
        1. Sales >> Cards >> Customer
        2. Select the customer.
        3. Click the blue hyperlink for Statement TO to open the Customer Address Maintenance with the address that is used for statements.
        4. Click the Globe Icon to open the Internet Information window.
        5. Defined the Email Address in the To field.
          1. Be sure to type this in instead of using the lookup as this can cause an issue as well.
        6. Click Save after the Email address is entered to close the window.
        7. Click Save in the Customer Address Maintenance window to close it.
        8. Back in the Customer Maintenance window, click the Email Button on the bottom right.
        9. Mark the checkbox for Customer Statements if it is not marked.
        10. Select the Message Id if you want to use one and have created one.
        11. Choose the format that you want to send this out as.
          1. You do need to have the File Format allowed in the Company Email Setup window. It appears you have PDF and HTML currently selected.
        12. The email address ellipse should be greyed out unless you are setting up the Email Address Based on Doc Type which is an additional to email process. You can look into this if you want to use this process.
        13. Click Save and close the window.
    3. That should allow you to email Statements out of GP.
    4. There is a Mass Way to assig the Email Setup for the Customer except for the Email Address. You can use the Navigation Pane for Customer and the Mass Assign Email setup to speed most of the Customer Email Assignment up.
      1. Select the sales tab.
      2. At the top left, select Customer to open the navigation list.
      3. Mark the checkbox for the customers you want to update.
      4. In the modify section of the ribbon at the top, click the right pointing arrow and select Email Settings.
      5. You can use this window to mass assign the Customer Email Setup.
    Lastly, if you have issues, please review the article below.

    I hope this helps!
    If you need further assistance, I suggest contacting your partner to help with the Email Setup for statements.

    If you do not have a partner or are looking for a new one, Enavate is here to help!

    Thank you!

    Brandon Jarrett
    L3 Functional Consultant.

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