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Tariff Number

Posted on by 88
We have numerous products that we buy from oversees. On the item card is the tariff number suppose to be the number that the origin country uses or the number that our country uses?
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    GS-17051342-0 88 on at
    Tariff Number
    One reason would be to utilize all fields in the item card. Another reason is because I think these tariffs are shown on the Pro Forma invoice which is needed as a customs document when shipping international. But the problem is Microsoft doesn't allow this to be customized to each country. 
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    Tariff Number
    These six digits denote the chapter, heading, and subheading of the good you're importing. Most countries have their own Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS), which are up to 10 digits instead of 6. HS codes are universal but HTS codes are specific to individual countries
    As to the question whether to use the ones in your country or the international ones - that is depending on why you need them. And that is, as Saurav previously mentioned a question for your tax accountant / consultant.
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    Tariff Number
    I would recommend checking with a functional or tax consultant regarding this.
    Microsoft documentation doesn't Cleary states which Tariff No. should be used.
    Saurav Dhyani

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