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LCS Code upgrade fails

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Hello all

I am trying to do a LCS code upgrade from AX2012 R3 CU8 to D3FO.

This is process I followed.

1) I have installed the KB4035163 on the AX2012R3.env.

2) Compiled , CIL, DB synchronized successfully

3) Ran the checklist for D365 Upgrade in the AX2012R3 env

4) Created the axmodel file and zip

5) Set up LCS to my DevOPS project.

6) Started the code upgrade. Uploaded the zip file successfully. Started the analyze code .

It fails here with the error message "We're sorry, the analysis can't be completed. To research this issue, see Find Support."

Has anyone come across this issue? Any guidance will be appreciated.


Abby Abaraham

  • aabraham Profile Picture
    aabraham 50 on at
    RE: LCS Code upgrade fails

    Thanks Nathan! Queuing the request again worked.


  • Verified answer
    Nathan Clouse AX Profile Picture
    Nathan Clouse AX 140 on at
    RE: LCS Code upgrade fails

    Hey Abby, I have. Queue the request again and see if you get a different result. Also, you don't need to do any of the pre-upgrade checklist stuff. You can simply upload your current model store to get the tooling to inspect and report on it. Confirm that your model store DB only has the schema's that it should have. I'd have to look up specifically what those are though.

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