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Inventory dimention warehouse must be specified

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I created a purchase order for a specific item which Product Type is service, when i try to Receive this item i got the error information like:

Item: L0004

Inventory dimension warehouse must be specified.

update has been canceled.

so where i have to specify the warehouse for the item?


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    RE: Inventory dimention warehouse must be specified

    When you created your service item you had to enter a Tracking Dimension group. When you create a Tracking dimension group you will notice that Site and Warehouse are always active, and you can't de-activate them. So the best way to handle this is for Service items is to declare a default sales and purchase site on the Released products > Manage inventory > Default order settings form; and for that default site, a default purchase and sales warehouse on the Site specific order settings form. Then when you add the service item to a purchase order or a sales order the system will set the Site and Warehouse for you automatically.

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    Weaveriski Profile Picture
    Weaveriski 23,614 on at
    RE: Inventory dimention warehouse must be specified

    Go to the purchase order line, in the dimension display show the warehouse and define it.

    The item has a dimension group where you have configured it to require the warehouse, so you must specify it on the transaction.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Inventory dimention warehouse must be specified

    This error message you are getting because you have Service Item set with Storage Dimension having Warehouse as active and Physical Inventory set

    considering removing Physical Inventory option.

    If it is required then may be you can specify the Warehouse at Purchase Line level and proceed.

    Please verify and let me know if need more information.

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