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deposit for this chequebook

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Posted on by 22,645

We have encountered an error message - with a stated solution that does not work.


A deposit for this chequebook has already been started.  If the process was interrupted, use Check Links window to check links the CM Logical files.

So, it tells you the error and the solution - but after executing the Checklinks as suggested it returns " No Errors " and suggests we are good to go.

Client reboots computer 

Opens Finance >> Bank Transactions and 'pow' same error message

Logged in as same user - no difference

Logged in as SA - no difference.

What am I missing here?  What table do I need to address to get this cleared?


  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: deposit for this chequebook

    I have not - but I knew that was the direction I was headed - I will get on the server and test as soon as possible.

    Thanks Beat for the pointer.

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    Gerald Buenafe BTP Profile Picture
    Gerald Buenafe BTP 280 on at
    RE: deposit for this chequebook

    Hi Bill,

    When you are in the Deposit Window, Can you do a look up on the Deposit Number?  Maybe you will see a saved deposit in there?  if you see one, get that and probably you want to post or delete it.

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,002 Super User on at
    RE: deposit for this chequebook

    Hi Bill,

    Have you tried the suggestion posted here :

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